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There have been a few themes over the last two months on this blog. As was mentioned in the last one, one of these themes was any activity that is focussed can be a form of meditation. Another strong theme or action that has been drawn on is being conscious of what thoughts go through your mind and this is a little more representative of the article that was recently looked at.

The article, Don’t Let Anyone Rent Space in Your Head for Free, from the Huffington Post begins by highlighting how useful it can be to step back from a situation think about it mindfully. Surprisingly, it looks back at a hypothetical situation in hindsight, which is an action and way of looking at things that we have been steering clear of at Medit8. However, it highlights, how doing this can show how easily we react to situations on auto pilot without being mindful. Then happiness is stated as a conscious choice and not a state of mind that relies on the actions of others or the situation at hand.

The second half of the article is about… you guessed it meditation! The author, Alka Dhillon, claims sitting quietly alone and observing your own breath as a move towards happiness. She highlights it being a personal experience, through the individual self examination of your breath and then heartbeat.Try it for 5 minutes on regular basis and see what happens.

For a little bit of assistance in doing so, try this.  It’s a gr8 meditation that brings awareness to both your breath and body.

There are a few campaigns going on at the moment locally that are gr8, interesting ways to bring awareness to things we normally do on auto pilot. Why not try out the phone game next time your at dinner with friends? Or try and go without a cigarette or some other vice on your next Tuesday?

Stay conscious and have a gr8 night Medit8ors.



Your Voice, Dreaming and Alan Watts

Good evening Medit8ors!

Todays blog is about some of the ideas Alan Watts has discussed. He was a lecturer on Asian Studies in the 1950s and 1960s at the San Francisco Academy of Asian Studies. By the 1970s he was considered the foremost translators of Eastern philosophy to Europe and the America. Many of his lectures were recorded and this is why his why they are so readily found on YouTube. Check them out!

There is a very long of his on YouTube about meditation by Alan Watts.  It goes for an hour and twenty seven minutes! 18 minutes in, however he discusses breathing meditation before getting into vocal meditations. He uses a gong and makes the sound often associated with meditation, ‘Hom’. He states that eventually the words of any chant you do stop to be important and bring you into the present moment or meditation, as the rhythm absorbs you. He also highlights using a word that is more congenial to you, for example if you are a Christian you could use ‘Hallelujah’ or if you are a Muslim you could use ‘Allah’. As discussed in previous blogs these are physical, and in this case religious, forms of meditation through voice. And yes the Whirling Dervishes, as one reader commented on our previous blog, are a great example of a focussed activity becoming meditative. Thank you for sharing!

Here is another awesome video that has combined clips from Christopher Nolan film, Inception, and a snippet of one of Alan Watts lectures. Check it out It may not be a meditation as such, but it is a great way to think about life, especially during busy times medit8ors. Because of the popularity of the Meditation and Food blog Medit8 has been looking into where great organic foods come from and this week we came across this cool blog about Honey, where it comes from, its benefits and amazingly, how long it has been around.

Have a peaceful day Medit8ors, it’s almost the weekend!

Focussing Your Attention = Meditation

Good evening medit8ors!!!

This evening we went a bit more mainstream with where our information came from. We looked at one of Time’s articles or more specifically an answering of a question they were posed, Is Meditation Really Worth It? The article begins by informing readers that meditation is a a very big umbrella for a plethora of physical activities and not just sitting quietly, cross legged. The article continues by highlighting one of Medit8’s themes, there are lots of different activities that are forms of meditation and the one thing they all have in common is keeping your attention focused on one thing. Sex, martial arts, yoga and driving are all examples that have been drawn on in previous blogs.

The article also gets a little scientific in highlighting the parts of the brain that get stimulated through meditation, in any form through focusing your attention. Also the illustration of the practice of weight lifting increasing your bodies ability to lift heavier objects is drawn on to show how meditation can improve your ability to deal with harder emotions that come along in life. It also says that because there are so many forms of meditation there is bound to be one that suits you. And there are links to two other articles about tai chi and yoga helping depression and physchiatric disorders. Check them out.

The article is great, however, there is an argument made against smart phones as they draw people to multi-tasking and the opposite of focusing your attention. There are many meditation applications for smart phones readily available, so you are able to bring your attention in to focus through this multitasking agent. Headspace has a great application available for doing just that here. Also, as Future Fresh enjoyed our previous blog about meditation and food so much we have a gr8 link to thinking about what you eat at Get Social With Your Local. Check that out too.

Peace to all Medit8ors!!!

Prince EA, Your body, the now and thoughts!

Hi Medit8ors!

Yesterday a medit8or posted a great, short video by Prince EA, 

It’s under 1:30 minutes, check it out. As the video is titled, it helps you get out of stressful situations in 60 seconds. Straight away Prince EA states, ‘there are no stressful situations, you become stressed because of how you are interpreting a situation…’. Medit8 discussed some of Eckhart Tolle‘s ideas in an earlier blog surrounding staying focused on the activity you are doing. He has also made very similar statements to Prince EA about a view of a situation being where the stress attached to that situation lies.

Prince EA continues his vlog by discussing methods of getting out of stress through becoming aware of the body when you realise you are in a stressful state. He states bringing things back to your body as a way of getting out of stressful states, the same way that Medit8 highlighted as improving sex through meditation, previously. Prince EA then highlights that it is impossible to be stressed when you are in the present moment. Meditation is being in conscious of the present moment, so it is quite easy to see how meditation is gr8 for relieving stress and therefore for busy students.

Just as the 60 second timer comes to an end, he gives the advice, not to give your thoughts too much authority or credibility. Then after the timer does run out he offers two questions to ask about your own thoughts to take authority and credibility from your thoughts. The two questions are:

1. Are these thoughts true?

2. What would I be without these thoughts?

Test it out Medit8ors!

Thanks for the post of the video fellow medit8or! We found it very insightful and helpful during stressful times. Another practical way to reduce stress is to collabor8 and chat to others. A great new social media campaign that Medit8 is behind is Future Fresh, a great place where creatives interact.

Peace to you all, Medit8ors!

Meditation and Food

Hi Medit8ors!

Another gr8 blog reviewed today, The Meditation Diet!!! Check it out if you get a chance. There are many great, quite personal blogs from Leo Babauta’s website, Zen Habits, about meditation. As the name suggests, it is about food and meditation.

The article starts with Leo explaining how he lost a massive amount of weight through utilising eating as a form of meditation. To frame the rest of the blog, the average, American diet and the large number of calories attached to it are highlighted, highlighting it as mindless eating. Then, he puts forward the idea of eating meditation as a relationship with food from the opposite side of the spectrum.

As with any form of meditation you focus on one thing and with eating meditation you guessed it, you focus on eating your food. After referring to this and the grateful attitude towards food that surfaces, the wonderful benefits of this practice are foregrounded. The benefits include, food tasting better and to name a few. A 6-step guide to this form of meditation is then given. These steps are about being mindful of the, normally, unconscious actions we carry out when we eat.

The third step is to think about the foods origins. This is an action that you should try, it can really contribute to a grateful attitude towards the food you are about to eat, as well as an awareness of what you are about to put in your body. Remembering what is going into my body brings memories of the Soda Free Challenge that many medit8ors that I know, personally, participated in last month. For some insightful information on soda, check out the SodaFreeChallenge campaign and you may even be tempted to participate in it for the month of October.

Hope this blog finds you well.

Improving attention and memory through meditation?

Good afternoon Medit8ors!

Earlier this week a Medit8or asked about meditation during busy times of a semester of study. In the words of Labs For Grads, ‘We got your back’. We thought we would put a good a good meditation up for self confidence and relaxation at the same time, by The Honest Guys. Check it out if you have a chance. You may want to try it before going to sleep. Generally, in meditation you should stay conscious, but as busy students focusing on self confidence and relaxation before sleep would help rejuvenate you for a good study session the next day.

Also Andy Puddicombe wrote an interesting blog about meditation and children at school. While, the students at the school he talks about may be a bit younger than Medit8ors, the results from the study are very interesting and very applicable to all students. Both teachers and parents of the children who were taken through mindfulness meditation classes stated that there were improvements in their attention and memory. Improvement in both of these areas would help anyone, but students could particularly benefit from this. Think about having more attention to study for a test coming up and then having a better memory for retaining that information. Hope this helps Medit8ors!

A peaceful weekend to you all!

A little bit of Happiness

Hi Medit8ors!

Wishing you all as many moments of peace during a busy time of the year.

An article by Deepak Chopra, where he gives 10 keys to happiness was looked at by Medit8. As you can imagine there are quite a few meditative practices within the keys. The first key he discusses is listening to your body. Many forms of meditation, if not all forms, involve some sort of body awareness. Being comfortable is often advised while meditating. An insightful way to look at how important the body is within a meditation practice is to notice how forms of martial arts and yoga practices are considered very healthy activities and they are simply learning to control and move your body in specific ways. These practices are used to get the body ready for meditation as well as being a form of meditation in their own right. Deepak points towards the body being an indicator of both physical and emotional stress.

The second key to happiness is stated as staying in the present or focussing on what you are doing right now, and the third is to take time to be silent, meditate and become aware of the voice in your mind. Similarly, Eckhart Tolle poses the quite profound statement, when you listen to the voice in your head you realise you are not the voice. Remember to take time out of your day for yourself medit8ors. Maybe, have a look at our previous blog, Meditating while driving?

Hope Deepak’s keys to happiness help you all.

Have a peaceful weekend Medit8ors!

Meditating while driving?

Good afternoon Medit8ors!!!

Hopefully your October has started off with a (good) bang and a bit of peacefulness. If you are struggling today, we have a few helpful tips about proximity and meditation. An article about Transcendental Meditation by Rose Hoffmann. Personally, I have not tried Transcendental Meditation, but it is a practice that Rose Hoffmann states, she has ‘… been practicing for 12 years…’ The article is about places to meditate, as the title suggests, 7 Great Places to Meditate On The Go. This is an article  that can be applied not to just practitioners of TM (Transcendental Meditation), but to many practitioners and practices.

The 7 places mentioned are on plane/in the airport, in the car, in bed, at the beach/on a mountain/when camping, at a TM centre, in churches/temples/museums or in a waiting room. Medit8! has implied that meditating in bed is a good place for practice, through our first blog, Welcome 2 medit8, where a bed time meditation was hyperlinked and recommended. Some of the other places to practice may seem obvious or strange.

Although, the idea of meditating in the car seems strange or dangerous, it has been suggested by different meditators before. Eckhart Tolle highlights bringing moments of stillness or meditative moments into your life while being stuck in traffic. The way into these moments is through the breath. Breathing is something that we all do subconsciously, but we can also focus on it taking place. It can be controlled, as you would know if you have ever had a singing lesson before, but for a meditative practice, watching your breath is great way to gain some peace for a brief moment. So try it next time you are stuck in traffic.

Have a peaceful day!

Mind the Sex

Hi Medit8ors!

Hopefully, you have all managed to find some peaceful time so far. Andy Puddicombe is an interesting and famous meditator who started Headspace, a great tool for meditation. It is an application that Medit8 recommends.

Interestingly, Andy wrote a blog about meditation and sex. The article starts by highlighting the commonly held views that meditation is something that is done in your mind and sex is an activity that is purely physical. Before highlighting the physical effects of meditation on cortisol levels and in turn a persons libido, the idea of mindfulness in day-to-day life is discussed. The idea of regular activities becoming a way into a mindful, meditative state is a form of meditation that has a long tradition, an obvious example is meditation beads. The idea is you have a break from thinking through your sense of touch and focus on touching the beads.

He discusses the act of sex becoming an activity where you perform on auto pilot and are thinking about other things besides the sex you are having. In turn, this becomes a passion killer and he suggests handling this through being mindful during other activities throughout a day. (Try brushing your teeth with your other hand!) There are very big similarities between this idea and what Elliott Hulse was discussing last week, with ideas of taking your time and enjoying the moment.

So, try be more mindful with everyday activities or even your breath medit8ors and see how it can improve other aspects of your life.

Peaceful week to you all!

Could ‘Orgasms’ and ‘Jerking off’ get better through meditation?

Good afternoon Medit8ors!!!

Just another quick blog. Following on from Wednesday, we have another video from Elliott Hulse

In this video Elliott talks about many things relating to meditation. The good feeling gained from keeping fit is highlighted before he answers a viewers question about negative self-talk. He talks about pleasure, joy, ‘Jerking off’, ‘taking your time’, ‘orgasms’ and dancing. He continues to highlight the importance of mindfulness before giving directions to dancing as meditation. As in his video from Wednesday, he has quite a masculine approach to meditation, an outlook towards this practice that is not often discussed. At medit8, we think this an important way to look at a meditation practice. It may not be for everyone at every time in their life, but is a great way to get into a healthy meditation practice for certain people.

Elliott Hulse has recently stated that he has stopped making videos. He does have a link to his blog and says he will get back to posting videos again. Medit8 would like to say thanks to Elliott Hulse for his informative and passionate videos.

Some more feminine approaches to meditation will be coming soon as well everybody. Have a gr8 weekend!

Peace be with you all!

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