Welcome 2 Medit8!

Welcome to Medit8!

Medit8 is a social media campaign with the goal of encouraging university students to meditate. There are many proven benefits attached to the practice of meditation. Medit8 wants to encourage university students to meditate as a preventative tool against anxiety and depression disorders. With this in mind, the first blog is a review of two newspaper articles that introduce and give pointers on meditation. The two article are, The ABC’s, Meditation: how to do it and The Sydney Morning Heralds, a beginner’s guide to meditation.

Both articles are from 25 October, 2013 and would be useful to medit8ors. The SMH article dispels some commonly held beliefs about meditation, specifically, that it is an anti-technology practice. Furthermore, it highlights Headspace and Mindfulness Bell App mobile phone apps for meditating. It also gives helpful pointers to calm yourself, which are quite meditative practices in their own right, and recommend guided meditations via compact disc. Meditation: how to do it, answers some commonly asked questions about meditation. It is a bit more formative in its approach to the practice, but makes the very important point that a regular practice of five minutes twice a day is enough to help people reduce stress and improve their ability to focus on tasks.

Both articles are very insightful and Medit8 enjoyed them. With the highlighted points in mind here is a guided meditation designed to help you sleep.  Particularly, great to unwind with during the busy times of semester.

Have a peaceful week medit8ors.


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