Meditation for focus, rejuvenation and relaxation, as “successfull” people do.

Good afternoon Medit8ors!

Just a quick bit of inspiration for your hump day. Meditation is a great way to improve your focus, give yourself some rejuvenation and relaxation for what ever life throws at you. At medit8 we believe meditation is a key tool to success, in what ever form it takes for you. Hence, today we have looked at some “successful” peoples thoughts on meditation.

Russell Simmons, entrepreneur and founder of Def Jam records, meditates daily and promotes the practice, saying it is a great way to focus and ‘Gets you past success and failure’. There is some famous footage of NBA basketball player Lebron James meditating to refocus in a timeout during the 2012 playoffs. R & B artist Miguel has stated that meditation helps him balance his hectic lifestyle.

Model and actress, Nicole Trunfio says that ‘Through meditation I experience a more beautiful day-to-day relationship with my inner-self.’  Oprah recently finished and promoted a 21 day meditation program with Deepak Chopra. Nicole Kidman has recently highlighted meditation as a practice she has used to chill out since her early 20s. Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, has stated that yoga and meditation are her ‘joy triggers’ in life.

A quick (only under 5 minutes) masculine and fitness outlook on meditation can be found through YouTube celebrity Elliot Hulse

All of these “successful” people have managed to get some help through their practice. Whether it be success through a break from a hectic lifestyle, a refocusing or rejuvenation tool or all three. Medit8 hopes you can gain a similar effect through a meditation practice.

A peaceful day to everyone!




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