Mind the Sex

Hi Medit8ors!

Hopefully, you have all managed to find some peaceful time so far. Andy Puddicombe is an interesting and famous meditator who started Headspace, a great tool for meditation. It is an application that Medit8 recommends.

Interestingly, Andy wrote a blog about meditation and sex. The article starts by highlighting the commonly held views that meditation is something that is done in your mind and sex is an activity that is purely physical. Before highlighting the physical effects of meditation on cortisol levels and in turn a persons libido, the idea of mindfulness in day-to-day life is discussed. The idea of regular activities becoming a way into a mindful, meditative state is a form of meditation that has a long tradition, an obvious example is meditation beads. The idea is you have a break from thinking through your sense of touch and focus on touching the beads.

He discusses the act of sex becoming an activity where you perform on auto pilot and are thinking about other things besides the sex you are having. In turn, this becomes a passion killer and he suggests handling this through being mindful during other activities throughout a day. (Try brushing your teeth with your other hand!) There are very big similarities between this idea and what Elliott Hulse was discussing last week, with ideas of taking your time and enjoying the moment.

So, try be more mindful with everyday activities or even your breath medit8ors and see how it can improve other aspects of your life.

Peaceful week to you all!


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