Meditating while driving?

Good afternoon Medit8ors!!!

Hopefully your October has started off with a (good) bang and a bit of peacefulness. If you are struggling today, we have a few helpful tips about proximity and meditation. An article about Transcendental Meditation by Rose Hoffmann. Personally, I have not tried Transcendental Meditation, but it is a practice that Rose Hoffmann states, she has ‘… been practicing for 12 years…’ The article is about places to meditate, as the title suggests, 7 Great Places to Meditate On The Go. This is an article  that can be applied not to just practitioners of TM (Transcendental Meditation), but to many practitioners and practices.

The 7 places mentioned are on plane/in the airport, in the car, in bed, at the beach/on a mountain/when camping, at a TM centre, in churches/temples/museums or in a waiting room. Medit8! has implied that meditating in bed is a good place for practice, through our first blog, Welcome 2 medit8, where a bed time meditation was hyperlinked and recommended. Some of the other places to practice may seem obvious or strange.

Although, the idea of meditating in the car seems strange or dangerous, it has been suggested by different meditators before. Eckhart Tolle highlights bringing moments of stillness or meditative moments into your life while being stuck in traffic. The way into these moments is through the breath. Breathing is something that we all do subconsciously, but we can also focus on it taking place. It can be controlled, as you would know if you have ever had a singing lesson before, but for a meditative practice, watching your breath is great way to gain some peace for a brief moment. So try it next time you are stuck in traffic.

Have a peaceful day!


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