A little bit of Happiness

Hi Medit8ors!

Wishing you all as many moments of peace during a busy time of the year.

An article by Deepak Chopra, where he gives 10 keys to happiness was looked at by Medit8. As you can imagine there are quite a few meditative practices within the keys. The first key he discusses is listening to your body. Many forms of meditation, if not all forms, involve some sort of body awareness. Being comfortable is often advised while meditating. An insightful way to look at how important the body is within a meditation practice is to notice how forms of martial arts and yoga practices are considered very healthy activities and they are simply learning to control and move your body in specific ways. These practices are used to get the body ready for meditation as well as being a form of meditation in their own right. Deepak points towards the body being an indicator of both physical and emotional stress.

The second key to happiness is stated as staying in the present or focussing on what you are doing right now, and the third is to take time to be silent, meditate and become aware of the voice in your mind. Similarly, Eckhart Tolle poses the quite profound statement, when you listen to the voice in your head you realise you are not the voice. Remember to take time out of your day for yourself medit8ors. Maybe, have a look at our previous blog, Meditating while driving?

Hope Deepak’s keys to happiness help you all.

Have a peaceful weekend Medit8ors!


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