Improving attention and memory through meditation?

Good afternoon Medit8ors!

Earlier this week a Medit8or asked about meditation during busy times of a semester of study. In the words of Labs For Grads, ‘We got your back’. We thought we would put a good a good meditation up for self confidence and relaxation at the same time, by The Honest Guys. Check it out if you have a chance. You may want to try it before going to sleep. Generally, in meditation you should stay conscious, but as busy students focusing on self confidence and relaxation before sleep would help rejuvenate you for a good study session the next day.

Also Andy Puddicombe wrote an interesting blog about meditation and children at school. While, the students at the school he talks about may be a bit younger than Medit8ors, the results from the study are very interesting and very applicable to all students. Both teachers and parents of the children who were taken through mindfulness meditation classes stated that there were improvements in their attention and memory. Improvement in both of these areas would help anyone, but students could particularly benefit from this. Think about having more attention to study for a test coming up and then having a better memory for retaining that information. Hope this helps Medit8ors!

A peaceful weekend to you all!


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