Meditation and Food

Hi Medit8ors!

Another gr8 blog reviewed today, The Meditation Diet!!! Check it out if you get a chance. There are many great, quite personal blogs from Leo Babauta’s website, Zen Habits, about meditation. As the name suggests, it is about food and meditation.

The article starts with Leo explaining how he lost a massive amount of weight through utilising eating as a form of meditation. To frame the rest of the blog, the average, American diet and the large number of calories attached to it are highlighted, highlighting it as mindless eating. Then, he puts forward the idea of eating meditation as a relationship with food from the opposite side of the spectrum.

As with any form of meditation you focus on one thing and with eating meditation you guessed it, you focus on eating your food. After referring to this and the grateful attitude towards food that surfaces, the wonderful benefits of this practice are foregrounded. The benefits include, food tasting better and to name a few. A 6-step guide to this form of meditation is then given. These steps are about being mindful of the, normally, unconscious actions we carry out when we eat.

The third step is to think about the foods origins. This is an action that you should try, it can really contribute to a grateful attitude towards the food you are about to eat, as well as an awareness of what you are about to put in your body. Remembering what is going into my body brings memories of the Soda Free Challenge that many medit8ors that I know, personally, participated in last month. For some insightful information on soda, check out the SodaFreeChallenge campaign and you may even be tempted to participate in it for the month of October.

Hope this blog finds you well.


3 thoughts on “Meditation and Food

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  2. The Meditation Diet is a really interesting blog! Thanks Medit8 for drawing our attention to it. We did a little bit of research about what contributes to bad smelling farts, and although some vegetables and beans are contributors to smelly farts, at least if you have a healthy diet, you can proudly fart knowing that what you’re eating is good for you. And we should all be trying to eat as meditation!


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