Focussing Your Attention = Meditation

Good evening medit8ors!!!

This evening we went a bit more mainstream with where our information came from. We looked at one of Time’s articles or more specifically an answering of a question they were posed, Is Meditation Really Worth It? The article begins by informing readers that meditation is a a very big umbrella for a plethora of physical activities and not just sitting quietly, cross legged. The article continues by highlighting one of Medit8’s themes, there are lots of different activities that are forms of meditation and the one thing they all have in common is keeping your attention focused on one thing. Sex, martial arts, yoga and driving are all examples that have been drawn on in previous blogs.

The article also gets a little scientific in highlighting the parts of the brain that get stimulated through meditation, in any form through focusing your attention. Also the illustration of the practice of weight lifting increasing your bodies ability to lift heavier objects is drawn on to show how meditation can improve your ability to deal with harder emotions that come along in life. It also says that because there are so many forms of meditation there is bound to be one that suits you. And there are links to two other articles about tai chi and yoga helping depression and physchiatric disorders. Check them out.

The article is great, however, there is an argument made against smart phones as they draw people to multi-tasking and the opposite of focusing your attention. There are many meditation applications for smart phones readily available, so you are able to bring your attention in to focus through this multitasking agent. Headspace has a great application available for doing just that here. Also, as Future Fresh enjoyed our previous blog about meditation and food so much we have a gr8 link to thinking about what you eat at Get Social With Your Local. Check that out too.

Peace to all Medit8ors!!!


One thought on “Focussing Your Attention = Meditation

  1. I think one of the strongest manifestations of active meditation can be found in the Sufi practice of whirling. The Sufis whirl while concentrating on the name of God in Islam ‘Allah’. They’re absolutely captivating to look at!


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