Prince EA, Your body, the now and thoughts!

Hi Medit8ors!

Yesterday a medit8or posted a great, short video by Prince EA, 

It’s under 1:30 minutes, check it out. As the video is titled, it helps you get out of stressful situations in 60 seconds. Straight away Prince EA states, ‘there are no stressful situations, you become stressed because of how you are interpreting a situation…’. Medit8 discussed some of Eckhart Tolle‘s ideas in an earlier blog surrounding staying focused on the activity you are doing. He has also made very similar statements to Prince EA about a view of a situation being where the stress attached to that situation lies.

Prince EA continues his vlog by discussing methods of getting out of stress through becoming aware of the body when you realise you are in a stressful state. He states bringing things back to your body as a way of getting out of stressful states, the same way that Medit8 highlighted as improving sex through meditation, previously. Prince EA then highlights that it is impossible to be stressed when you are in the present moment. Meditation is being in conscious of the present moment, so it is quite easy to see how meditation is gr8 for relieving stress and therefore for busy students.

Just as the 60 second timer comes to an end, he gives the advice, not to give your thoughts too much authority or credibility. Then after the timer does run out he offers two questions to ask about your own thoughts to take authority and credibility from your thoughts. The two questions are:

1. Are these thoughts true?

2. What would I be without these thoughts?

Test it out Medit8ors!

Thanks for the post of the video fellow medit8or! We found it very insightful and helpful during stressful times. Another practical way to reduce stress is to collabor8 and chat to others. A great new social media campaign that Medit8 is behind is Future Fresh, a great place where creatives interact.

Peace to you all, Medit8ors!


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