Your Voice, Dreaming and Alan Watts

Good evening Medit8ors!

Todays blog is about some of the ideas Alan Watts has discussed. He was a lecturer on Asian Studies in the 1950s and 1960s at the San Francisco Academy of Asian Studies. By the 1970s he was considered the foremost translators of Eastern philosophy to Europe and the America. Many of his lectures were recorded and this is why his why they are so readily found on YouTube. Check them out!

There is a very long of his on YouTube about meditation by Alan Watts.  It goes for an hour and twenty seven minutes! 18 minutes in, however he discusses breathing meditation before getting into vocal meditations. He uses a gong and makes the sound often associated with meditation, ‘Hom’. He states that eventually the words of any chant you do stop to be important and bring you into the present moment or meditation, as the rhythm absorbs you. He also highlights using a word that is more congenial to you, for example if you are a Christian you could use ‘Hallelujah’ or if you are a Muslim you could use ‘Allah’. As discussed in previous blogs these are physical, and in this case religious, forms of meditation through voice. And yes the Whirling Dervishes, as one reader commented on our previous blog, are a great example of a focussed activity becoming meditative. Thank you for sharing!

Here is another awesome video that has combined clips from Christopher Nolan film, Inception, and a snippet of one of Alan Watts lectures. Check it out It may not be a meditation as such, but it is a great way to think about life, especially during busy times medit8ors. Because of the popularity of the Meditation and Food blog Medit8 has been looking into where great organic foods come from and this week we came across this cool blog about Honey, where it comes from, its benefits and amazingly, how long it has been around.

Have a peaceful day Medit8ors, it’s almost the weekend!


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