Awareness, Breath, Heartbeat, Awareness

Hi Medit8ors!

There have been a few themes over the last two months on this blog. As was mentioned in the last one, one of these themes was any activity that is focussed can be a form of meditation. Another strong theme or action that has been drawn on is being conscious of what thoughts go through your mind and this is a little more representative of the article that was recently looked at.

The article, Don’t Let Anyone Rent Space in Your Head for Free, from the Huffington Post begins by highlighting how useful it can be to step back from a situation think about it mindfully. Surprisingly, it looks back at a hypothetical situation in hindsight, which is an action and way of looking at things that we have been steering clear of at Medit8. However, it highlights, how doing this can show how easily we react to situations on auto pilot without being mindful. Then happiness is stated as a conscious choice and not a state of mind that relies on the actions of others or the situation at hand.

The second half of the article is about… you guessed it meditation! The author, Alka Dhillon, claims sitting quietly alone and observing your own breath as a move towards happiness. She highlights it being a personal experience, through the individual self examination of your breath and then heartbeat.Try it for 5 minutes on regular basis and see what happens.

For a little bit of assistance in doing so, try this.  It’s a gr8 meditation that brings awareness to both your breath and body.

There are a few campaigns going on at the moment locally that are gr8, interesting ways to bring awareness to things we normally do on auto pilot. Why not try out the phone game next time your at dinner with friends? Or try and go without a cigarette or some other vice on your next Tuesday?

Stay conscious and have a gr8 night Medit8ors.



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